I live in Europe where our dinosaurs 🦕 are only in strictly segregated areas. We have vanishingly few dinosaur killings 🤷‍♂️

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Moxon's fascism is on blatant display here. First, of course, he makes up some absurd "analogy" with the writing style of a fifth grader to obscure the issue. He is deliberately lying. We are not talking about dinosaurs, we are talking about guns. The reason that lie matters is because he can use this "analogy" to make gun rights seem absurd, but of course the underlying assumption is wrong.

The point of gun rights is to ensure the weak can protect themselves against the strong, and to ensure the ability of the citizen to resist the state (e.g. the ability to refuse a search of one's property).

If you support gun control, you are an antisocial authoritarian. You are a fascist. Moxon lets it slip here:

"Additionally, the city leaders joined the dinosaur crowd’s insistence that the right to own dinosaurs represented a fundamental and protected right inscribed within the city’s founding charter, a vital (if not the most vital) component of freedom and liberty, and was in fact the only thing standing between a country’s citizenry and outright tyranny. “Tyranny” was a very important concept for dinosaur owners, and it meant “any imposition of any kind upon dinosaur owners,” and dinosaur owners let the city leaders know, that if the city’s leaders ever decided to ignore the demands of these liberty-loving people, then liberty-loving people would have no other option than to release their dinosaurs upon the unsuspecting city, in order to safeguard their property, their safety, and their liberty. And the city leaders agreed with the dinosaur owners, that, yes indeed, if they, as city leaders, ever stopped doing the bidding of the dinosaur owners, then it would only be reasonable, just, and righteous for them, as good dinosaur owners, to release their dinosaurs upon an unsuspecting city."

What he is describing in this paragraph is Democracy. Not fake Hank Green Marvel McDonalds democracy, I mean actual Democracy as described by bourgeois philosophy. Sieyes discusses this in "What is the Third Estate", that Democracy is more than simply just voting (i.e. that the French Revolution was necessary). Luxemburg would essentially say the same thing, much later, when describing the necessity for a socialist revolution (writing against the Reformists). Of course Marx, Debs, Lenin, etc. all understood the necessity of gun ownership, the ability for society to subject the state to itself. That is what socialism, i.e. Democracy (Luxemburg: socialism is necessary for democracy) is. Fascism is when society is subsumed to the state, this is what Moxon wants.

A final little trick he plays, the shadowy "leaders" oppose gun control in this absurd fiction, but that is not the case. There is no organization, no politician in this country that opposes gun control (and supports the right of society against the state). Both the NRA and the Democrat party are fascist insofar as they support gun control. The Democrat Party is obviously more fascist than the NRA, and for more reasons (the security state, anti-free speech, etc.) but both parties are fascist, because we live in a fascist society in the absence of socialism.

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My only quibble with this is that the data on dinosaurs becoming the leading cause of death in children is that these particular data define “children” as 1 through 19.


But it’s genuinely a quibble. I wholeheartedly agree that the dinosaur situation in this country is untenable.

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The problem with outrage over dinosaur ownership is that dinosaur owners themselves believe their own children will never be killed by dinosaurs. Because they own dinosaurs. So the same people who were outraged 12 years ago when school children first became mass victims of dinosaur killing are outraged today, but those who weren’t outraged then still are t outraged. Because there is no greater tyranny than tyranny against dinosaur breeding, and we all k ow the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood and entrails of little children.

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Absolutely phenomenal read

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A good summary of how we got to where we are today. Sadly, the author has left out of his rather biased narrative the possibility that packs of tiny teacup murder dinosaurs - let's call them microkilloraptors - might easily defend civilians and children against the occasional loose masskilloraptor without excessively endangering anyone. These can be carried in pockets, purses, handbags, cars, homes, jackets, leg holsters, and so on. This would mean finally lifting all the archaic and unconstitutional restrictions on self-defense against accidental deployment of masskilloraptors. If every citizen had one of these at all times, they would outnumber the masskilloraptors, and at least some of the deaths that we all agree are horrifying and sad would be avoided. Isn't that what the people who are so unreasonably afraid of masskilloraptors say they want? Don't they care about women and children?

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