Points for Slackmeyer reference. You made me laugh!

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Aug 17, 2023·edited Aug 17, 2023

"In a court of our own eyes and ears, however, he is—to quote young 60s college radio personality 'Marvelous' Mark Slackmeyer(...)"

"Megaphone" Mark Slackmeyer. (Okay; reading further into the Wikipedia article below, it turns out that, yes, he later takes the moniker "Marvelous Mark". Apologies, Mea Culpa, etc.)


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My musings, relatedly:

"So much lying.

Preposterous statements.

Lies only another deranged person might entertain.

Which brings us to 2023, and the slew of indictments which bring into somewhat sharper focus the extent to which the rank and file fascists of America, the entire edifice of the GOP and every one of its voters swaddle themselves in confabulation as a predicate of simply existing in the world...

The source of endless consternation of so many on the left, who with all good intentions posit the rank and file fascists- the voters who prop up the GOP- are redeemable, if only presented with The Truth, is the daily reminder that the rank and file fascists already know THEIR truth (a bigger, stronger, shinier truth than any woke empirical fact). They have no use for consensus reality, brute facts, or basic logic. Such triflings are for losers. The fascists of America dispensed with any association with the truth, even as something to be aspired to, long, long ago.

The truth, whether historical or scientific, is the enemy of the society they wish to impose on the rest of us: an authoritarian apartheid regime in the service of cis-gender hetero White Christians."


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Very clever using "This one involves the mostly hidden part of the conspiracy rather than the overt one." in writing about the Georgia indictment since "was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy." was phrased at the end of each Act in the Georgia indictment. Well done, sir!

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enjoyed this thoroughly, thought the "democracy sale" at Target/shoplifting was the best, and anyone who quotes Mark Slackmeyer is okay in my book.

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