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My house is from an inheritance from a great uncle who worked at Uniroyal in Elmira, Ontario making agent orange part of the 75 million litres toxic herbicides sprayed between 1961-1971 in Vietnam--5 million people affected and counting. August 10 is Agent Orange Awareness Day or August 19 is Agent Orange Remembrance Day (2nd one is for American vets) I have felt guilt, that's for sure. New information today about the bad health effects in Elmira to this day documentary Toxic Time Bomb/ShebaFilms by Dr. Ron Harpelle

“This shocking exposé shows how episodes of ‘local’ contamination in Canada are connected to the wider geography of chemical production, biological warfare, and the long-term ecological and public health legacies of our chemical world. It’s also a compelling story of determined citizen activism in the face of corporate irresponsibility and government denial.” -Arn Keeling, Memorial University

Do I feel better knowing the bastards also exposed me as a child, I played at the park across the road from the factory, my Aunt Frida and Uncle Harry lived down the street. ugh

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