WTAF is wrong with you people? In the rest of the developed world, people don't have easy access to guns. We don't feel unsafe, in fact quite the opposite 😕

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Did saying that make you feel better?

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To so clearly define and describe fear in this manner, that it’s the gun owners fearing regulating guns threatens their supremacy is so exactly correct and this has been going on my entire life. Growing up in Michigan I recall the Detroit Police beat to death a man named Malice Green and two cops did eventually go to prison for killing him but the gun defenders demonized Green and hero worshipped the cops who killed him even after the trial and convictions. This was way back in 1992 but I will never forget the voracity in which white conservatives defended Greens killers.

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First, what a great piece. Second, I appreciate your awareness on the trail.

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Impunity, Mr. Moxon.

Those who compose the fascist crowd want to construct a society in which they are permitted to engage in brutality, murder, and ultimately genocide, at their whim, without consequence.

If a person doesn't look right, sound right, act right... well, they're just asking for it, aren't they?

Great article on the UK socialist site Red Pepper I saw today-

'From colonialism to fascism: A history of Spain’s elite forces'

-Uma Arruga i López explains how the violence used by Franco’s forces during the Spanish Civil War was shaped by their earlier colonial endeavours-

May 21, 2023

"Encouraged to dehumanise their enemy, the Tercio quickly became a violent colonial force. Rape, burning villages to the ground and beheadings became normal in the daily life of the legionnaires. They began proudly displaying heads of Moorish prisoners in their camps. The Duchess of la Victoria, who had organised and sent a group of nurses to the battlefield, was thanked with a basket of flowers and two Berber heads."


Worth a look.

Our adversaries are nothing novel. They've been at this for generations, and cannot be dissuaded by appeals to decency or a sense of shared humanity, for they lack these.

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Great piece! I really like this

" I think a world of shootings is a world that comforts gun defenders, because it reinforces their idea of the world as a fundamentally violent place, which requires them to be violent in response as the first and best solution."

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Excellent piece. I don't know the end of the story involving the Maryland man who carried his massacre weapon to an elementary school bus stop, but I can only hope that the police explained to him that his 2nd Amendment rights do not include frightening little kids and their parents.

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