Maybe you can pass this pain point on to the substack people, it would mean more coming from you than me.

I've tried a few times to subscribe to your newsletters via the Android app. I get to the checkout page and there is no option for either:

a) PayPal

b) Google Pay

All I'm presented with is a 2000s-era credit card form, and I don't ever have my credit cards with me. So I always say... well, maybe later.

As a software developer, I can confirm this is hilariously incompetent. At my day job, adding PayPal to our purchase flow took all of 2 days of development. Not having Google pay on an Android app should literally result in people losing their jobs. It's that unacceptable.

I shudder to think about the amount of money being left on the table due to this pointless friction.

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I must disagree with one point you made, when you said "some of them are pretty good..." The accurate statement would be "All of them are effing brilliant..." 🙂🙏

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That was a nifty way to ask for a paid subscription. The Reframe is one of my Substack paid subscriptions. I pay for subscriptions the same way I donate to my nieces and nephews sports teams. Everyone gets an equal piece of the pie. It's a formula that works for me.

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Safe travels - Come back and tell us about them!

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